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'Magnifier Movie'


A short video was shot by Gail Theis, Nicola Siebert Patel and Hamish Pringle at the V&A on 12th June 2019, then edited subsequently in the Digital Media Centre at Wimbledon.  Sadly there's no copy of the film.

'Magnifier movie' V&A June 2019.jpg

Learning outcomes:

1. Anticipate and be prepared.  It’s a photographer’s maxim that right place, right time, and right equipment increases the chances of getting a good shot.  In considering the V&A location it struck me that if our team were to secure original footage we needed to have an unusual angle.  So I took my antique magnifying glass with me on the off-chance it could come in handy.

2. Like minds can help.  All three of us had visited the V&A numerous times so were familiar with it.  When we brainstormed ideas I produced my magnifying glass.  This led to a discussion of what to look for amongst the myriad objects on display.  A short leap and we decided to interview V&A guides asking for recommendations.  Then we went to find the objects, and take a really close look.

3. Team work works.  We each had mobile phones so we were able to film scenes simultaneously from three points of view.  So we had interesting footage to edit.

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