I think of my work as 'gym equipment' for the mind.  I make art out of attrition to exercise the subconscious, prompt historical narratives, and create new links.  I use a variety of materials in my sculptures and collages, and many are abrasives.  Sandpaper, with its rough and smooth sides, expresses duality, temporality, and possibility.

​I use abrasives to explore the process of attrition in nature, society, relationships, and language.  This produces art works using metaphors and semiotics to trigger memories and associations.  Attrition occurs at junctions where the organic collides with the inorganic; as people meet in love or war; when words are changed by usage, or juxtaposition with images or materials. ​

We are largely oblivious to the many different abrasives used in the industrial applications that shape our environment.  A ruby dust water jet can cut text through metal, abrasive belts can reduce an ingot to a knife, and super-fine particles can produce mirrors.  I take these applications and use them at the borderline of figuration and abstraction to synthesize and explore the process of attrition. 

​I create ergonomic art for people to exercise with.  This 'gym equipment' functions for and with the user.   It tests their aesthetic and intellectual muscles and encourages the 'beholder's share'.  Layers of meaning may be discerned, associations made, and new ideas created.  Fitness comes from regular mental workouts as we grapple with eternal philosophical and metaphysical conundrums.  Please join in.